Silke Hajunga , Casting Room No 5.


photography by BENJAMIN TIETGE


Where’s home?

Currently, I’m based in London, with my friend who’s a photographer. It’s not realistic to get a place because I’m somewhere else every day. But my real home and place where I always can go to is my parents’ in The Netherlands.


What’s the most elaborate lie you’ve ever told and gotten away with?

I don’t lie, and I get away with it!


What’s your favorite word in any language and what does it mean?

Hakuna matata. That means no worries in Swahili.


Write down the recipe for your favorite meal.

Banana-egg pancakes!

They’re healthy pancakes, which I make a lot on the weekends and for my friends. Mix 1 banana and 1 egg, bake it in a pan and top it up with a little bit honey and nuts.


What fictional character do you most identify with?

Pippi Longstocking: free spirited, loves animals, always on the road and searching for adventures. And it’s still my wish to have a monkey like her one day.


Describe yourself in three famous paintings 

What sound or noise do you love?

The noise of waves coming down on the beach, with seagulls flying over and making their noise


Empty out your pockets or purse. What are the contents?

Lip balm, Eye drops, purse with license, bankpasses and health insurance. Keys of the place I’m staying, then, earplugs, Dextro energy, little snacks like nuts and fruit, and a hairband


Where would you most like to live?

I would like to live in a beautiful peaceful place, surrounded by nature and where the climate is always lovely. The beach must be nearby nature, and it has to be a place where I can fly out from easily. That’ll be the place I  like the most!


What is your present state of mind?

Concentrating on these questions