Party Girl


directed by LAURENCE TARQUIN VON THOMAS / party girl performed by CHINAWOMAN


Shot using a few rolls of expired Agfa XT-320 16mm film, Party Girl, performed by Chinawoman and directed by Laurence Tarquin von Thomas, is a dark and moody piece that delivers a lingering and profound sense of melancholy. Grainy and fragmented images tell a story of the ‘girl’, played by Jack Soilleux, as she moves throughout the streets of the London, adopting a certain sadness through her sexualized and doleful persona. Speaking of the project, Thomas noted, ‘I wanted the imagery to be heavily suggestive, being influenced by the styling of Wong Kar Wai’s Chung King Express, the grainy look of the pictures Man Ray took of Marcel Duchamp and the decadent tone found in Fassbinder’s Trilogy’.


Party Girl written and performed by Chinawoman

Directed by: Laurence Tarquin von Thomas

Production: [arthur-frank]

Girl: Jack Soilleux

Dancers: Lena Gora, Nikola Vasakova

Alex King and Ping Heathcote

Cinematography: Nicolas Karakatsanis

Production Manager: Annie Jael Kwan

Editing and Grading: Laurence von Thomas

Styling: Asia Apolonia and Emma-Rebbecca Sly

Art Direction: Marie Lanna

Props: India Hamilton

Makeup: Emma-Rebbecca Sly

1st ad: Claire Griffiths

1st ac: Thomas Caselli

2nd ac and Key Grip: Boyd Skinner

Still Photographer: Amandine Paulandré

Runners: Dylan John and Mark Cooper-Jones