film by CHARLES BILLOT / choreography by EMERY LECRONE

styling & costume design by VICTORIA BARTLETT // VPL / words by HANNAH O'CALLAGHAN

The Re•hears•al, the arcane performance that lies behind the curtain. Filmmaker Charles Billot captures the subtle power of these intimate performances through this exclusive short for Monrowe. Featuring the most recent ballet by celebrated choreographer Emery LeCrone, we are presented with a mesmerizing dichotomy of strength and vulnerability. Dance remains one of the purest forms of storytelling, connecting with viewers on a rich and visceral level regardless of cultural, political or language barriers. Billot uses the movement of the human form to feed a deeper narrative.

Working in collaboration with stylist and VPL Fashion Activewear Designer Victoria Bartlett, we watch as the line between figure and garment is blurred in a flourish of fluid and magnetizing movements.


Izabela Szylinska with Emery LeCrone Dance for MONROWE Magazine Izabela Szylinska

Miriam Ernest with Emery LeCrone Dance for MONROWE Magazine.

Miriam Ernest

2015-08-27-monrowe-therehersal-05 2015-08-27-monrowe-therehersal-04

Dancers / Sarah Atkins, Nicholas Burrage, Miriam Ernest, Shane Ohmer, Izabela Szylinska, Łukasz Zięba

Music / Pendulum by Nils Frahm

Lighting / Brandon Stirling Baker

Costume Assistants / Mirabai Kwan Yin, Katie Benson, Saraha Bohling, Iva Mo