A Year in Paris 1 of 2


photography by ROBERT SPANGLE

There is no use rushing anything in Paris.Try it sometime, the best you will do is be 15 minutes early for something that’s closed every Friday and Tuesday or on strike anyway. I decided to put together a body of work for Monrowe after I saw the first issue, and what I imagined would take a few weeks quickly stretched to close to a year. The longer I worked on it, the more restrained the process became. I quickly realized that the images I was looking for couldn’t be found during the fashion weeks, before, after, a block away or right around the corner, sure, but nothing so on parade as fashion week could really be Parisian in spirit. What I did find was intimacy, the honest kind only strangers can share. Intimacy doesn’t not mean sensuality, or fragility, or aggression, it is as simple and as rare as an openness to the human condition, its a brief look into someone else world, to be found on any street corner, if your willing to look, week after week.

There is no use rushing anything in Paris.

-Robert Spangle

robert spangle, streetstyle, france, paris, black and white, thrasher I grew up skateboarding. The style of the sport has overlapped more and more with fashion until now it’s a seamless blur.

2016-04-04-RobertSpangle-9331Other times I come across someone who is lost entirely in their own world. (I’m lucky if this doesn’t involve a phone.) This gives me the rare time needed to finesse and compose. Often, what feels like whole minutes pass, yet I’ve taken my shots without the subject ever knowing what transpired.

Sometime I will spend the entire day trudging around Paris and find nothing, to return home empty-handed and defeated. Other days I will stumble onto the street, running late, and find exactly what I am looking for as soon as I open the door.


More than any other city on earth Parisian dress is aligned with certain style cliches-berrets, breton stripes, burberrys and baguettes. What I find myself most impressed by, and really the embodiment of French “Kewl” is a rust brown suede bomber jacket.


Forgetting the people, the architecture, the sheer beauty of Paris, it’s my favorite city to photograph because its so walkable. My rule is the wrong alleys have the right pictures.you can fallow anything, call it intuition, and come out with something interesting.


During the fashion weeks its often a sea of black, and visually, at some point you simply get burned out. but its generally right after reaching this visual numb that you stumble across something jarringly bright and alive.


robert spangle, streetstyle, france, paris, black and white, thrasher

Photographer / Robert Spangle