On Dreams


written by GUY LESSER / directed by BENJAMIN TIETGE

A pebbled beach extends to a tilted horizon. Ambiguous light that’s neither quite the end of day nor the morning after. A woman wears a dark men’s blazer and formal white tuxedo shirt. Or walks barefoot in the surf in a long black overcoat. Her thoughts–perhaps–rage in the pentameter of a English voice. Of time and fear. Of the bitterness of love. Whilst echoing the bleak nursery nonsense of the Jabberwocky. Such is the stuff—as both Sam Spade and Prospero remind us— dreams are made, as conveyed in a grainy analogue blur of black and white with an occasional jolt of Kodacolor.

The haunting visual product of Benjamin Titege’s collaboration with longtime friend Eddie Wrey— shot on 8mm— is a moody meditation, set to a score by Alvise Marino, and the poetry of Alice St Clair Erskine. Above all else it suggests how rapidly works that might once have been dismissed as “behind the scenes” videos, have begun to evolve into art.


Photography / Benjamin Tietge
Written / Guy Lesser
Stylist / Lindsey Hornyak 
Director of Photography / Eddie Wrey 
Hair / Susanne Lichtenegger
Makeup Siobhan Jessica Furlong
Photo Assistant / Bastian Jung
Stylist Assistant / Naomi Omamuli, Emiko
Art Department / Josh Stovell
Production 10-4 Inc.
Executive Producer / Gawain Rainey @10-4 Inc
Production Assitant / Lenny Forrester @10-4 Inc
Casting Director /Ros Okusanya
Featuring / Madison Headrick @STORM MANAGEMENT
Special Thanks to the support of Jimi @Unique Lighting