photographer by EVGENY POPOV / style by CAITLYN LEARY

Monse is effortlessness embodied: a brand that gracefully teeters between the luxury of the past and the speedy modernism of the present. Their fabrics and patterns — velvet, sequins, and silks  — harken back to the formal aesthetic of the ’40s, when clothing was much more likely to be handmade. Yet there is an undeniable ease to the way these classic materials fall off the body.  There is an undone quality to the designs, which has become Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim’s signature, almost a visual calling card.


Team Credits:
Photographer: Evgeny Popov,
Stylist: Caitlyn Leary,
Hair: Nero @ Vijin using Amika
Makeup: Kuma
Model: Katie Braatvedt @ DNA
All clothing and shoes by MONSE
Tulle turtleneck accessories by RicoBK