directed by BáLINT SZIMLER / cinematography by MARCELL RéV

Be creative, be liberated, and be yourself, because you are what you see and not what you seem. This is the impetus behind Société, an upcoming Central European cultural and fashion movement. The house offers a community for young artists to utilize their full creative potentials, encouraging openness and collaboration. Monrowe is proud to present one of the first projects funded by Société, a film created by director Bálint Szimler and D.O.P Marcell Rév.

Image of model Sára Szőke in a bathtub with set design. Set designer dripping water on head.

Image of model Katrina Gyorgyova on a bed looking behind her shoulder.

Image of model Nari Nguyen on a bed with guy that has no shirt cuddling.

Image of model Katrina Gyorgyova under the covers with soft pink light.

Image of model Kata Kovács holding a pole on a bus in Budapest, Hungary.

Image of model Nari Nguyen laying on a sofa with a lamp next to her.

Image of Sára Szőke holding a large camera looking straight at you.

Image of Aliz Menyhért on a dark street lit up with two lights.

Image of two dancers legs moving on a penny tile floor

Image of Fanni Radics holding a street sign in Hungary.

Image of Sára Szőke in a dark movie theater looking at the screen.

Image of 6 girls looking straight at camera.

Image of 6 girls looking straight at camera. Standing and sitting outside in the dark.


SOCIÉTÉ | Team Credits

Director / Bálint Szimler
Cinematographer / Marcell Rév

Katrina Gyorgyova – VM MODELS insta: katrinagova
Kata Kovács – PRIME MODELS insta: katci_
Aliz Menyhért – VISAGE MODELS HUNGARY insta: alizmenyhert
Nari Nguyen – PRIME LOOK MODELS insta: nariinguyen
Fanni Radics – VISAGE MODELS HUNGARY insta: fanniradics
Sára Szőke – ATTRACTIVE MODELS insta: ms.szokesara

Additional Cast
Péter Ajtai
Zoltán Grecsó
Patrik Keresztes
Bálint Magyar
Miklós Soproni
Bence Szemerey
Jónás Togay

Costume Designer / Ali Tóth, Anikó Virág
Production Designer / Anna Nyitrai
Set Dresser / Bálint Pálmai
Editor / Zsófia Ördög
Sound Engineer / Viktor Lente
Composer / Péter Sabák
Voice-over written by / Márton Simon
Voice-over translation / Veronika Jakab
Make-Up Artist / Eszter Magyar
Hair Stylist / László Pásztor

Producers / Annamária Ligosztájeva, Gábor Osváth
Co-Producers / Gábor Ferenczi, Gábor Rajna, Árpád Szirmai