direction & photography by VERA COMPLOJ / style by KAROLINA FRECHOWICZ

“A picture is what it is and I’ve never noticed that it helps to talk about them, or answer specific questions about them, much less volunteer information in words. It wouldn’t make any sense to explain them. Kind of diminishes them. People always want to know when something was taken, where it was taken, and, God knows, why it was taken. It gets really ridiculous. I mean, they’re right there, whatever they are.”

– William Eggelston

Dress by Acne Studios

Jacket and Coat by Calvin Klein

Coat, turtle neck and skirt by Rochas, boots by AGL 





Photographer & Director: Vera Comploj
DP: William Babcock
Camera Assistant: David Chen
Stylist: Karolina Frechowicz
Makeup Artist: Yoshie Kubota
Hair Stylist: Akira Nagano
PA: Katya Villano
Featuring: Esme Ham w/ Muse Models NYC