photography by JACOB SKOGLUND

“To be an artist means never to avert one’s eyes.” When Akira Kurosawa spoke these words, he was commenting upon an artist’s unique ability to address human atrocity. But the message goes far beyond that. Indeed, in documentary photography, especially, when it comes to capturing real moments, the blink of an eye could mean missing something crucial, temporal, and beautifully intangible. Here, Jacob Skoglund walks with eyes wide open as he wanders the streets in search of true, human moments — moments that are there and gone in an instant.

Brooklyn, 2017.
14th Street, 2017.
New York, 2019.
Cuba, 2017.
Midtown, 2019.
Alice, 2018.
Marizanne, 2018.
Joshua Tree, 2019.
Midtown, 2019.