The Underground

by KAT HÖELCK GOBLÉ / 04.28.2015

styling by LINDSEY HORNYAK / photography by CHANTELLE DOSSER

film direction by GUILLAUME DELORME

Artistic expression through costume will certainly have its place in the arena of a carbon-capped future. Historically, there has always been a precedent for theatrical living amongst the artistic of spirit. This group enjoys art as experience and fashion as costume, often bending genders and step outside of the cultural norm. The Underground uses their garments as a means for self-expression and exploration of the human condition.

In 2065, synthetic fabrics are no longer popular in production, as most are non-biodegradable, which means that when discarded they never fully break down and their chemicals leak out into the environment. (The garment industry subsequently sees resurgence in the popularity of natural fibers for most new goods.) Existing synthetic garments will outlive their original owners, cycling through the community and with new purpose. We can expect these discontinued plasticine garments to be appropriated and styled by the artistic and rebellious members of this expressive subculture. As a result, many individuals of The Underground use makeup as a cost effective tool for self-expression and transformation.

While we will see a shift toward wardrobe dressing, not all wardrobes are created equal. Members of The Underground wear their art on their sleeves, embodying certain persona or moods through costume. Style emerges not from a specific garment, but from the attitude/spirit of the wearer. The buying of new garments is seen as excessive in The Underground and it would not be unusual for an individual to wear the same garments frequently. The wearing of pre-owned clothing will be commonplace in a post-growth society and these modern punks often share and trade articles of clothing amongst their groups and communities.

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