Idea Books


words & curation by ANGELA HILL / interview by MONROWE

A picture is worth a thousand words”.


This adage refers to the notion that an image conveys a subjects meaning and essence more effectively than a description could.  IDEA Books is the perfect example of this practice in action, and in our opinion one of the best inspiration sources for unique and striking imagery across all niche and obscure literary genres.  From scarce to rare, IDEA is always pushing the envelope and turning the page on an almost forgotten world of inspirational imagery and narrative.  We interviewed co-founder and owner Angela Hill at IDEA and asked her to guest curate an image story of her favorite books of the moment.

Can you please tell us a little about the founding of IDEA books and how the company grew?
Hill: Really the company wasn’t a company and didnt have a name until our first pop up shop in St Martin’s Lane, London in 2009; our daughter thought of the name as it is the first initial of each of the four of us in the family.
What is the ethos behind Idea Books?
Hill: To only sell what we love; whether it is a book, a magazine, a print, a t-shirt or baseball cap
How do you source your books and imagery?
Hill: Literally from everywhere – people come to the office to sell, we travel to bookshops and book fairs worldwide plus of course that hypermarket – the internet!
What are your top 3 favorite books and why?
Hill: Always hard to answer as it can change week to week so I will just say what is currently high on our agenda!
MADE IN USA magazine
M.A.S.H (book of the TV show)
Currently, what is your favorite genre?
Hill: Interiors without a doubt.  I love dreaming about living in anything from a castle in Scotland with battered baronial furniture and hidden cellars and attics to a concrete minimalist cube in Tokyo….
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