Wherever There Is Light


photography by LUCAS CRISTINO

“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.”

– Alfred Stieglitz

Even more so in photography than in other art forms, the medium is the message: in this case, the photon.  Light is the photograph’s material. It shines through the window and hits the surface of flesh, reflecting back toward the lens, before whittling away at chemical coated film. Here, light acts as a sort of quantum thread, linking together people in disparate places with no relationship to one another other than this imprint we call photography. As Roland Barthes observes, “a sort of umbilical cord links the body of the photographed thing to my gaze: light, though impalpable, is here a carnal medium, a skin I share with anyone who has been photographed.”

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Sanna Backstrom // One Model Management
Kristin Zakala // Premier London